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Therapeutic Footwear and Orthotics Outreach Initiative

Health Strides Diabetic Outreach Program

Therapeutic Footwear & Orthotic Solutions

Our mission at Neurogenx is to help make life easier for people living with diabetes and other conditions affecting the feet by providing a personalized and caring service. Whether you are looking for therapeutic shoes for diabetics, custom orthotic inserts or ankle-foot supports and stabilizers, we offer the best products to improve balance and gait for patients with lower
limb instabilities.

More Than Just A Shoe

Over time, diabetes can damage your feet, resulting in limited mobility and additional health risks. Properly fitted therapeutic footwear with custom or heat-molded inserts help reduce those diabetic health risks. Studies have shown that therapeutic footwear reduce foot ulcers and amputations significantly. Not wearing therapeutic footwear isn’t worth the risk!

Neurogenx offers a huge selection of attractive therapeutic shoe styles for men and women, including casual, sport and dress styles. All therapeutic shoes and inserts are custom-fit specifically for you and designed to accommodate your medical foot problems.

To learn more about our program and to see more styles contact a Health Strides Certified Shoe Fitter today!

What makes therapeutic footwear different?​


Therapeutic Shoes have additional depth inside to accommodate orthotic inserts customized for your feet


Therapeutic shoes have special closing mechanisms that make the shoes easier to slip on and off. Such as velcro and slip-on options to accommodate braces & orthotics.


Therapeutic shoes have specialized wide widths to accommodate structural foot problems.


Therapeutic shoes have light-weight, comfortable soles with heel cushioning designed to promote proper gait ad make walking easier.


Therapeutic shoes include 3 pairs of orthotic insoles custom molded to your feet by certified shoe fitters

Certified Shoe Fitters

Our Neurogenx national network of certified fitters provide onsite services to create custom inserts and to properly fit shoes selected from our wide range of shoe styles.

This unique program offers diabetic foot assessments and
fittings, for custom inserts and therapeutic shoes, provided
by our nationwide network of Pedorthists/Qualified Fitters,
in the convenience of provider clinics, health systems, or in
the place of residence including senior communities and
private homes.

• Reduce foot-related diabetic health risks
• Reduce pain & discomfort
• Improve circulation
• Improve balance

Medicare Diabetic Shoe Coverage

Medicare provides covered individuals with diabetes, a new pair of therapeutic shoes every calendar year, because properly fitting shoes can. prevent the costly health complications connected with diabetes. Neurogenx understands the issues associated with discomfort, swelling and loss of sensation of the feet. We carry shoes designed to accommodate these specific issues. Our certified orthotists, certified pedorthists and certified shoe fitters are trained in shoe fitting and diabetic foot management.

Do I qualify for Medicare Diabetic Shoe Coverage?

In order for your therapeutic shoes to be covered by Medicare, you must be diagnosed with diabetes and have one or more of the following conditions:

• Poor Circulation
• Foot Deformity
• Peripheral Neuropathy with evidence of callus formation

• History of pre-ulcerative callus
• History of previous foot ulceration
• History of partial or complete amputation of the foot

Diabetic shoes in 3 easy steps!