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As an industry leader in innovative neurogenic solutions, Neurogenx has been partnering with physicians globally for over fifteen years. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from the painful symptoms of Neuropathy and other chronic nerve conditions through our patented advanced Neurogenx NervePro 2.0 electromedical protocol.

Our complete protocol includes the BalancePro 2.0 technology, which allows physicians to provide assessment and customized therapy for patients suffering from dizziness, balance problems, and neurological challenges; along with our extensive DME program including orthotics and orthopedic shoe program.

Improving the well-being of patients struggling with Neuropathy

Our Neurogenx team has been proud to abundantly equip and enable providers to deliver a higher standard of care to patients suffering various balance issues, peripheral neuropathy and other chronic nerve conditions.

At the heart of our partnership is a philosophy in which we invest fully in our providers as partners and hold ourselves accountable and pledge our commitment.

Our Partner Pledge

As a commitment to ensure our partners clinical and business success, we have built our Neurogenx Solutions Program on this:

• Support Service
• Performance Results
• Model Training and Continuous Coaching

Our committment to your success

Our team of experts have worked with hundreds of providers to achieve business and patient success. We recognize conscientious and enterprising providers have different needs as well as different visions about practice growth. For these reasons, we have multiple steps and pathways for procuring and implementing Neurogenx Clinical and Business Solution Assets to create a custom fit to suit every enterprising style and budget. We’re committed to working with you to customize a combination of technologies, training, and support systems to attain your perfect fit!

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