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Breakthrough Treatment For Neuropathy

Neurogenx is a FDA-cleared, clinically-proven treatment for neuropathy. Our patented technology uses high-frequency electronic waves to gently reach deep down through muscle and tissue to relieve neuropathy symptoms and severe neuromuscular pain. We offer a comprehensive solutions program for providers, including training, marketing, and ongoing support.


Neurogenx is a FDA-cleared treatment for neuropathy, meaning that it has been shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials.


Neurogenx has been shown to be effective for a variety of neuropathic pain conditions, including diabetic neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia, and peripheral neuropathy, making it a versatile treatment option for providers.

Quick and easy

Neurogenx is a quick and easy treatment to administer, taking only 20-40 minutes per session, making it a convenient option for both providers and patients.


Neurogenx is a non-invasive treatment, which means that it does not require surgery or injections. This makes it a more comfortable option for patients and providers.

What Is The Neurogenx Treatment?

Non-narcotic, non-surgical, and non-invasive, Neurogenx provides one-of-a-kind electro-medical treatment. It is a treatment that has had dramatic results in patients across the country. Neurogenx electro-medical protocol relieves neuropathy symptoms and severe neuromuscular pain by safely using cutting-edge, high-frequency electronic waves to gently reach deep down through muscle and tissue.

The treatment creates changes at the body’s cellular level that reduce swelling, remove excess fluids and waste products, alter Ph levels, and increase cellular metabolism. These changes relieve pain and help healing begin.

Neurogenx Technology Solutions

Elevating the standard of care for peripheral neuropathy and other chronic nerve conditions, as well, as balance assessment platforms

NervePro 2.0

The Neurogenx electromedical treatment for neuropathy and chronic nerve pain uses a higher, more therapeutic frequency rate of 60,000 hz. Patented and FDA-cleared as the only device of its kind.

BalancePro 2.0

The Neurogenx Balance Platform system provides balance assessment, therapeautic balance training software, and uses a three-component force platform that connects to your laptop.

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Our Neurogenx Team is proud to abundantly equip and enable providers to deliver a higher standard of care to patients suffering from various balance issues, neuropathy, and other chronic nerve conditions. At the heart of our partnership is a philosophy in which we invest fully in our providers as partners and hold ourselves accountable and pledge our commitment.

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